My Shelf Company

Probably the best
company service provider in the world

We provide the quickest and safest way to purchase a shelf company currently available. Most of our process is online and automatic.

We present a truly unique and first-rate solution to the Australian market.

Professional Shelf Company Providers

Purchasing and completing our short order form for a pre-registered company has never been easier!
Our team of experts have done the leg-work for you. It takes a few minutes to complete your order, using what we believe is the most straightforward and secure platform on the planet.

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Buy ready-made shelf companies

Pre-registered aged companies + free company documents

Simple, secure, prompt and accurate.
Our team is trained and our software is engineered to provide you with a straightforward solution to your shelf company requirements.
Help us to help you build your business!

Who is this for?

  • Accountants – tried, tested and supremely reliable
  • Lawyers – efficiency prioritised and complete document set provided
  • ASIC Registered Agents – direct integration with ASIC software
  • Other Professionals – quick and easy, peerless solutions
  • Regular Individuals – simple steps, direct results

What we provide?

  • Fast transfer of ownership
  • Full electronic company documents, including the consitution
  • All companies come ABN and TFN ready