5 Ways to Jump Start Your Business With an Australian Shelf Company

5 Ways to Jump Start Your Business With an Australian Shelf Company

Have you come up with a product and know exactly what audience you are looking to attract? Are you certain that potential competitors have not met the needs of this audience, and that your company can do so if given the chance? In a sense, consumer demand is similar to fashion trends. Unless you are able to tap into what people are looking for and when they are looking for it, your business will fail.

On the other side of the equation, having an idea and a potential audience in mind is a very small part of actually forming a company and bringing it into an operational status. Unless you want to lose your chance to tap into a key market with your products and services, your best option is to buy a shelf company from us. Have a look at five key ways a shelf company from us will cut months, and perhaps even years off the amount of time required to get your products and services to the most lucrative audiences.

Open Bank Accounts With Ease

Under Australian law, you won’t be able to open a bank account for your business until all the proper business papers and tax accounts with the government have been assigned. This, in turn, can take several weeks to accomplish, or even longer if you make a mistake in the paperwork. When you buy a shelf company from us, we guarantee that all of the necessary regulatory and tax filings are already done, and done correctly. No matter whether you choose a company that is less than two years old, or one that was established over five years ago, all of the documents will be in perfect order and available within hours of completing the payment process for our services.

Once you have the necessary paperwork to open a bank account, you can go ahead on your own with any institution of your choice. Alternatively, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of this procedure, we can do so on your behalf. Not only will you have peace of mind in knowing that the entire process is managed by competent and experienced professionals, you will get fast results that translate into the ability to make financial transactions in your business name. From hiring employees and making payroll to purchasing raw materials for production, nothing speeds up these transactions quite like a dedicated bank account for your business.

Have an Easier Time Securing Loans

As a new business owner, there is every chance that at least initially, it will take time to build up capital until you develop a suitable flow of money from idea inception to product development to sales. If you want to secure lower interest rates, or better terms, you will often find that established businesses have a much easier time. Therefore, if your business is only a few months old on paper, you may find yourself at a distinct loss.

Now let’s say instead of forming a company from scratch, you decided on a 3 year old shelf company from us. Almost immediately, the age of your business will put you into a category for better loan rates. As long as the books you keep from new ownership to the time of request for the loan are in good shape, there is a very good likelihood that you will get the funding you need. In addition, if you also manage to use the age of the company to attract a financially viable business partner, you will be able to negotiate for even lower interest rates and better terms on the loan.

Secure Speciality Licenses Reserved for Older Companies

There is no question that just about every business type is booming in Australia and will continue to do so as other economies fade or become increasingly mired in global conflict. This is just one of many reasons why the Australian government and certain industries are increasingly relying on the age of a company to determine whether or not it can secure licenses for certain kinds of manufacture and service.

At the current time, it does not matter how long you have actually owned the business to secure many of the most important licenses. As long as the established date is far enough back in time, you will be able to secure the required credentials instead of sitting on the sidelines for years on end. If you are interested in longer term clients in certain sectors, or competing in various public service industries, there is no point in waiting for years before getting these critical licenses.

Once you have the licenses, all you need to do is find suitable employees and carry on with your operations like everyone else in your industrial sector. Do not forget, however, that some licenses may require you or your employees to have specific degrees. Just because your business license says you can carry out certain activities, that does not mean you can hire people that don’t have compatible experience and licensing in the field. That being said, you will also find it much easier to find high quality employees if they know your business has been around for a few years and is likely to be able to support them in exchange for the labour they provide.

Bid on Contracts New Businesses are Usually Restricted From

Aside from acquiring key licenses, there may also be very lucrative contracts that you and your employees can handle with ease, plus make a profit. Unfortunately, some of the most valuable contracts may be off limits because your business isn’t old enough to enter into the bidding. Rather than wait and take the risks that come with rapidly changing economies, buying a shelf company can put you in a position to bid on those contracts right now.

Consider a situation where you live in a territory with an increasing population, and you have worked for at least 10 years with a building contractor. Let’s also say that you are aware of some cheap land that can be developed into an upscale mall dedicated to Mum’s with toddlers; yet the contractor you work for refuses to bid on the project. As you look around and think about the mall project, let’s say you also find a possible investor and see a way to start your own construction company.

Even though you may not have held the position of upper management in a contracting company, that doesn’t mean you can’t put the resources together required to build the mall. Now, let’s say you put out some feelers and learn that the developers of the mall won’t even consider a construction company that hasn’t been in business for at least 10 years. When you buy a shelf company from us, you won’t be left out simply because of the date your business was established. After you buy a shelf company from us, you can focus on hiring the right people, secure your licenses, insurance, and equipment, and feel free to bid on that contract. Remember, as long as you have what it takes to succeed and produce viable goods or services, the age of your company should never be a point that leaves you behind the crowd.

Ease Foreign Trading in Australia

Over the years, Australia has continued to grow economically in a way that is attracting more and more foreign investors. Australia is also drawing many people with a variety of skills that would like to take advantage of the growth potential and opportunities that come with owning a business in Australia. While you may have the plans, capital, and other resources required to open a business and drive it to success, you won’t be able to serve as director of a business in Australia unless you are a citizen.

If you are a non-Australian citizen and want to do business in Australia, our shelf company services can help you out. Simply buy a company of an appropriate age with the desired features, and then appoint us to act as director of your company. Legally, we satisfy the requirement of citizenship, and still give you full control of the business. As an added bonus, we will always be there to help you navigate through the intricacies of dealing with Australian business tax, licensing, and associated structures.

Going through the process of starting a new business presents many challenges. In fact, many people that start businesses from scratch say they wish they had known about “turn key” solutions like our shelf companies. Filling out a simple form and having a business in just a few hours that is ready to populate with bank accounts, employees, goods, services, and contracts is always going to be better than spending weeks to years on the exact same tasks. Without a question, if you see a lucrative market today and know you can make it work, there is no reason not to buy a shelf company and get started on meeting that market’s demand before it vanishes. Why wait three years, or even one year or a few months to accomplish what can be done in less than a week with one of our shelf companies?

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