Shelf Companies

List of Australian Pre-registered Companies available for sale

Obtaining your very own Australian pre-registered, shelf company is easy. We are specialists in the provision of high quality shelf company solutions. All My Shelf Company pre-registered companies are incorporated in-house by our senior consultants. As such, we guarantee that every company we present is 100% clean, with no trading history. With our considerable experience and expertise, we’ll ensure that the entire purchase and ordering process is completed in a straightforward and timely manner. All of our shelf companies are ABN and TFN ready.

We provide the quickest and safest way to purchase a shelf company, currently available. Most of our process is online and automatic. We present a truly unique and first-rate solution in the Australian market.

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Advantages of Buying a Pre-registered Company

Buying a shelf company provides a number of advantages over newly incorporated companies, making them an attractive solution for many clients. These advantages include:

  • Increased Business Partner Confidence – older shelf companies project a greater sense of confidence to potential business partners or clients who feel more comfortable dealing with an established company.
  • Access to Restricted Services – Some licensed services require a company to be in business for a certain length of time in an applicable industry in order to be eligible.
  • Improved Credit Options – Banks or financial service providers sometimes hesitate to open bank accounts, provide merchant facilities, or offer credit to new companies. Buying an aged shelf company can rectify this and provide enhanced credit opportunities, allowing for increased borrowing power.
  • Favourable for Immigration Purposes – Used and aged companies are of far greater advantage for Australian immigration purposes, which sometimes require a company to have been in business for several years.
  • Contract Tendering Eligibility – some jurisdictions have strict requirements for tendering, requiring companies to be in business for a period of time before they can be eligible to bid on a contract.